Established in 2010,HONG KONG

Ontrend Industrial Limited ,Starts from 2007.Based in China.

We supply a range of Top Quality steel products for the Building and Construction Industry.

Ontrend was established to meet the demand for structure steel.With A Strong focus on customer service and extensive knowledge of
builder’s steel works requirements.

Ontrend has quickly become one of the leading steel suppliers.
Ontrend ready to give you what you want.When you want it
and at very competitive price.
We want to give you everything we know for free.
That’s Free friendly Advice, Free Quote,Free Delivery time to suit you.
We want to be the company that you can trust to continuously provide you with Honest Quote and Quality Products at very reasonable prices.

Why Work With Us?
1.We have business relationships with the top manufacturers in China that already export to the Western world and already
comply with most American, European, Australian and NZ Standards.
2.These relationships enable us more leverage in negotiating prices and product replacements when issues do arise.
3.As we consolidate building materials of all types, we are able to combine your orders with similar orders from other
customers to get you the best prices based on volume.
4.Our manufacturers have been stringently screened by us over a period of years and will
guarantee their product.

Trust Ontrend will be your Specialist Structure Steel Supplier from China.
Contact Us today and Let us service your steel needs!

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