Gr.300 Welded T Bar

Welded T bars are fully machine welded structural lintel beam. They are traditional steel sections used in the support of brickwork over large clear openings and are not reliant on composite action.

T bar,Welded T Bar

welded t bar

*Standard :

AS3679 ,AS4100 ,AS4680 ,GB11263




Full welding or spot welding.


Hot dipped galvanized or agreed

Dimensions of welded T bars:
1T-bars 180(H)x10+150(V)x105.81T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x103
2T-bars 180(H)x10+150(V)x1062T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x103.3
1T-bar 180(H)x10+200(V)x104.53T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x103.5
2T-bar 180(H)x10+200(V)x105.44T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x104.2
3T-bar 180(H)x10+250(V)x105.95T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x104.5
4T-bar 180(H)x10+250(V)x105.66T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x104.8
5T-bar 180(H)x10+250(V)x105.87T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x105
1T-bar 200(H)x10+150(V)x1048T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x105.1
2T-bar 200(H)x10+150(V)x105.89T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x105.2
3T-bar 200(H)x10+150(V)x10610T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x105.3
1T-bars 200(V)x6+200(H)x62.711T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x105.4
2T-bars 200(V)x6+200(H)x6312T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x105.7
3T-bars 200(V)x6+200(H)x63.313T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x105.8
1T-bar 200(H)X6+200(V)X82.714T-bar 200(H)x10+200(V)x106
2T-bar 200(H)X6+200(V)X831T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x105.2
3T-bar 200(H)X6+200(V)X83.32T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x105.4
4T-bar 200(H)X6+200(V)X83.63T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x105.6
5T-bar 200(H)X6+200(V)X83.94T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x105.8
1T-bar 200(H)x8+200(V)x82.45T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x106
2T-bar 200(H)x8+200(V)x82.71T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x125.2
3T-bar 200(H)x8+200(V)x832T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x125.4
4T-bar 200(H)x8+200(V)x83.33T-bar 200(H)x10+250(V)x126
5T-bar 200(H)x8+200(V)x83.61T bars 200(H)x10+300(V)x106
6T-bar 200(H)x8+200(V)x83.9

Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics,
by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool causing fusion.
Welding is distinct from lower temperature metal-joining techniques such as brazing and soldering,
which do not melt the base metal.
Many different energy sources can be used for welding, including a gas flame (chemical),
an electric arc (electrical), a laser, an electron beam, friction, and ultrasound.

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